A common frustrating voice from all the engineers…

A common trend of vexation and irritation which has engulfed almost every engineer alive or dead is introduction of higher mathematics in syllabus. In worst cases, it has also made person become a somnambulist or somniloquist. The incontrovertible evidence of mathematics endangering the life of students can be seen with number of suicides increasing day by day. Psychological disorder and wastage of energy in useless equations are frequently observed.

And the criminals are Bayes theorem and Strokes law.


most mathematicians will give me a reason to believe that maths is an integral component of science.. But I am here to throw light upon some hidden facts about mathematics which are often overlooked.

Thomas Edison once said that – ” I can hire a Mathematician but a mathematician can not hire me”

Science and maths.. they have been always regarded as a confidante or intimate friends..

But one cannot deny that they have their differences..

Where Science looks for answers from the practical world, the maths tries to search for such an answer in a paper..

Science goes for a pragmatic, rational and a feasible solution which can be implemented in the world around us.. Whereas, Maths looks for definite answers undermining the importance of practicality of situation. In a way Maths becomes too detailed to the extent of boring. The situation results in many students with intelligent and imaginative minds who can benefit a lot in the stream of science, turning their backs to the immense possibility in front of them. The high level of unnecessary mathematics takes away half of their time leaving them exhausted and tired to go for deep study in science subject. Moreover, with the increase of competition and exams, the student focuses on solving more and more of mathematics, equations and formula of the problems rather than understanding the concept behind it.

The purpose of science is to not get a number. So, unnecessary focus on getting the answer destroys the sole purpose of science. Science is about inculcating new ideas, bringing out something new, looking forward for answers and finding a better alternative to the existing one. Science and maths are like emotion and a language. Emotion is what one feels and language is just a conveying medium.

Sadly many bright undergraduate students leave their science subject and turn away from possibility of science career, fearing that without strong math skill, they will fail.

Moreover, these days, Maths and its lengthy dull equations have found their place in social science, economical science and biology.

Of course, I am not disparaging the involvement of mathematics in science, or saying that it has no roles to play. Its a well known fact that without proper computation and analytical fast maths solving abilities, a person will face a lot of troubles in science area.

But the sole focus underlying on maths and its equations inhibit students from going towards new ideas and thoughts. Hence, the prolific use of Mathematics should be limited in engineering classes, because they are science students not maths. 😛



“That wand belongs to the greatest wizard of all times Mr. Potter.. We do not speak his name.. But yes! We can expect great things from you.. After all, You know who was great. Evil monster. But great!”



 A flash of green light was what I expected…

Instead, impression of my mother’s fingers on my cheek is what I got!

“That is your morning’s breakfast son!” said my mom..

I was kind of expecting this eventful start of the day.. Last night I had slept late, watching the movies of Harry potter for possibly the 100th time with same astonishment and feigned bewilderment like it was on the first time.. The result was, I woke up late at 12 in the morning.. But that is the fun of being a ‘Harry Potter’ geek! The whole night I kept dreaming about Potter and how he is going to tackle the mighty Lord Voldemort!  And finally woke up with a flash of green light in the form of my mother’s slap on my pity face!

The problem of being a Harry Potter fan is that you always keep expecting that your life will be an extraordinary and thrilling one and not a dull one.. People start believing that their desire to live in a world of imagination distinguishes them from others and make life more fun..

Getting up finally from the bed, I dry cleaned myself and powdered my cheek in order to hide the pinkish shades..

Within 15 minutes, I was out in the sun, and was not at all surprised to see the Mumbai traffic waiting anxiously for me to bask in. The blackish smokes coming out of truck were the signs of joy at my arrival, and then the pattern of music from horns of vehicles invited me around. Shrugging off my shoulders at the pleasant sight of my invitation ceremony, I boarded in a bus to reach my coaching at Andheri.

If there were some pitfalls in my invitation, then that was covered up soon by the sudden surprise of rain’s arrival. The over congested traffic with an addition of rainfall created an extraordinary onerous atmosphere for the common man. And of course it gave a legal reason for people to get late for their office.

I was also 1 hour late; but as expected from a good student, I was not happy with my delayed start of the day..  In vexation, I bit my lips and looking upwards, closing my eyes, I asked to myself-

“ Why my life is supposed to be like this ? An ordinary one? A common one? ”

And possibly someone responded to my unflavored day to make it spicy!!

For a normal guy, the spiciness in his life is added in form of a girl’s arrival..! And the fact that I am a normal guy, the taste and texture represents the same case for me..

Bus halted at a stop.. And a lady in her high heels climbed in the bus.. For a moment, the noise pollution lost its effect as lady tip toed in her high heels, which made a rhyming sound when it touched the floor… It had a soothing effect to my ears..

And to my greatest luck, the lady sat just ahead of my seat.. An instantaneous reaction of mine was—“Thank you, almighty!!”

And then like a magic trick, she turned her head back to find conductor.. A lightning bolt struck simultaneously outside somewhere in the sky and inside my heart..

I was breathless for a moment.. My lungs punctured.. My heart skipped few beats.. I was lifeless.. Floating in the middle of air..  No gravity..  My pupils dilated in order to capture the most of the scene.. Mouth wide open trying to gasp in air.. It was difficult to breath at that time.. Because for that moment, love was in the air.. And I needed oxygen to breath in..

It was certainly 1-0 !!

Her brilliantly bedazzling, beaming, splendid radiantly glowing face contrasted with deep blackened eyelashes and eyebrows, with pinkish shades on both sides of cheeks, took a better of my rational engineer’s thinking ability.. Her red suit and matching nail polishes added to her angelic and captivating beauty. And then needless to mention the fact that her wet open hairs had imprisoned my vision for a while..

She gave a quick glance to me and raised one of her eyebrows.. And as expected from a decent guy like me, I quickly ended my observation process..  Looking at conductor she said- “ A ticket for Andheri!!” …  A mischievous smile ran across my face, knowing that she is going at the same place where I am..

For the next fifteen minutes, I concentrated on a single focus and none of the disturbance were close enough to distract me.. I was considering myself the luckiest guy on earth..

Suddenly, lady received a call.. She took out her cell from her purse which was the latest model in market, SAMSUNG S4.. I stared at my NOKIA 161 and cursed myself.. She talked for a while and to my greatest surprise, hurriedly ran towards the door of bus and asked conductor to stop the bus..

 And as bus left the bus stop; in a sudden flash, my life was back to normal.. Back to what it was.. Back to being a common man..

Closing my eyes yet again, I asked myself- “Why my life is supposed to be so ordinary and a common one?”

And probably once again, someone heard my frustration enriched tone.. And a common man’s life was turned upside down in just few seconds..



at the very bus stop..!!

The whole place vaporized in just a few seconds.. No dead bodies.. Only blood all around… Pieces of flesh were scattered in the road.. And cries and chaos filled in the atmosphere..


The next day, I got up at 10o clock… But everything around to me seemed like a dream.. Unlike other days, my mom didn’t come to wake me up from sleep..

Nevertheless, I got ready soon to go to my coaching centre..

Once again, Mumbai Traffic was anxiously waiting for me to absorb in.. As usual, I selected my favorite seat of my bus..

After a while, the bus stopped at a second bus stop.. And to my greatest surprise, I heard a familiar pattern of rhyming sounds of high heels.. And to my horror a lady dressed in same red suit sat on the same seat ahead of me..

And then like a magic trick, she turned back her head… And to my greatest astonishment, I saw the same dazzling, glowing face.. She once again questioned my non-stop glare at her by raising her eyebrow..

Meanwhile, she asked for a ticket to Andheri, from the conductor..

But the conductor never heard her voice..

Scared that my doubt does not get converted into a proof.. I turned back and shouted at the top of my voice, so that conductor could hear it..

But conductor never heard my voice too..

I closed my eyes and asked to myself—“why we have to live a life of a common man?”

But there was no one to answer this..

Loyalty and its deeper essence!


its a word which mainly refers to faithfulness or commitment to a person or family, cause or an idea, school or club, and finally in bigger terms religion or country.. It can be also related to a kind of devotion with full emotional, physical and mental intensity.. Loyalty in simpler words can mean liking and supporting someone or something in all of its actions or ideas.. Loyalty is more of honoring your word, your promises, your commitments and your faithfulness to the person or society..

Without any doubt, Loyalty is an important aspect for success of any relationship, or duty, or even smooth working of society.. In the faces of adversity, its ‘how loyal you are’ which determines how strongly you will face it.. 

But, often in the process of being loyal to our group, we forget to observe and notice the mistakes we do and ignore what is most important, the TRUTH..

for instance, many religious groups practice on loads of superstitious belief they possess and ignore the greater truth.. for them, loyalty to the religion means accepting everything as mentioned and stated by their religious leaders without any question..

there can be many more examples..

when we are loyal to our country or our sports team or our company we often overlook our mistakes and wrong decisions.. many a times, the countrymen don’t raise their voices against the wrong practices or mistakes in fear of being regarded as ‘DISLOYAL’ to the group.. and hence sometimes, employees prefer to remain silent even though they have pointed out a mistake of their boss which is not correct in context of their company, in fear of being regarded as disloyal to boss.. what they forget there is by maintaining their loyalty with boss, they are being disloyal to their company..

Consequently, loyalty is mostly for a short term virtue which sometimes hides the greater truth and can have adverse affect on long terms.. Loyalty is more of an emotion and hence emotion always hides up facts..

Loyalty to someone is a necessary attribute to be trusted.. In other words, primary requirement of trust is to be loyal to the person or community.. But once, trust is established, it becomes more about honesty than loyalty.. and so, trust demands the truth.. 

one can be loyal to his friends, but he may still not trust them with his secrets..

In summary, one could say that, being loyal to the interests, action and ideas or a person is a very important factor for the success and smooth progress of any work but on the contrary it works just opposite when being loyal means hiding the truth and evidences.. hence, loyalty & honesty both are the primary requirements for smooth functioning of any relationship or duty for a long time and hence for the establishment of trust.. 

You are my god!!

“You have been brought up in a family of such a high status and high standard.. How can u even think about playing with the kids of those low class and cheap minded people?”

“Don’t u get this simple thing! Just give a thought son! We have a respect in society.. People are scared to even make an eye contact with us. Their heads bow down whenever they see us around.. If u want to play, you can join a play school or a club..”


Born with a golden spoon in a golden family..

The family whose small demands were in lakhs.. They were the richest in Shimla.. A huge mansion, with a beautiful garden which has all types of flowers imported from different countries.. The family believed that money is everything.. And that everything can be brought with money!..

But their son Harry had different interests and a different vision.. & love for animals, plants, environment & nature.. But his love for nature often brought him troubles.. His parents were of the view that good people could be found only in rich families and that the best way for a child to play is by buying imported toys from China and Video games from Japan..

So, whenever his parents caught him playing with the poor street kids in garden, he was scolded badly.. because according to them, playing with poor kids results in loss of high status they had in society.. so, very often, though surrounded by all sorts of toys and video games, child felt lonely!


On one such day, Harry was coming back from his school to home.. suddenly, by roadside, he saw a puppy was pushing his mommy dog with full force, who laid fast asleep.. Puppy looked cute in brown spots he had on his white fur.. Harry brushed his hand on its soft fur, and then puppy raised his head in response.. Their eyes met and at one instant, Harry decided something.. He raised the puppy with his hand and decided to take it home..

but then he thought of his parents.. his parents will never approve him for keeping a pet and that too which was picked up in streets.. so he made a small home for him in garden, hidden from eyes of everyone. He used to steal some food from his home in order to feed the puppy. And because of its brown furs, he named the puppy Browny!


Browny filled the empty space of Harry’s life.. They became great friends.. they used to spend a great time playing in garden, and went for a walk in evening.. Moreover, dog also had developed a habit of going with Harry to his school.. Browny used to wait from morning to evening in front of his school gates for his friend to come back.. and as soon as school gate was opened, and Harry came outside, Browny would jump, greet him happily, and lick him all around his face with love..

Once again, the ancient words “when u want something, whole universe helps u in achieving that” proved to be right!


On one such day, Harry had a fight with his friends and after the end of school time, his friends surrounded him to beat him up.. but Browny jumped in between and saved his friend..

but then,the complains about his fight soon reached his parents.. and Harry was scolded really bad.. In frustration and anger, and without thinking anything, Harry beated Browny with belt.. Browny screamed in pain and ran away in garden..

the next day Harry realised his mistake.. he prepared a special cake for Browny.. but to his uttermost surprise, when he went to Browny’s secret house, he was not there.. and in horror Harry thought of something and hoped that it wont be true.. He searched the garden from top to bottom but Browny was nowhere to be found.. he started crying.. looking up at sky, he prayed to god, to give his friend back..

suddenly he heard some voice coming from the nearby main gate.. he ran and to his relief he saw Browny.. but there was another dog too, his mother.. his mother was licking Browny on his wounds caused by beatings of belt. Harry stood there dumb, unaware of what to do next. But actually there was no need for him to do anything.. As soon as Browny saw his master, his friend, he left his mother and came to his side.. his mother understood the situation and walked away.

Harry’s eyes filled with tears, lifted up Browny, hugged him and cried out “You chose me.. not ur mother.. inspite of the fact, that i beated you up”

Browny in response looked straight at his master’s eyes.. and he probably said “She was my mom.. but you are my god”..

and an epic history of friendship was written that day!


the life went on.. Harry grew up and so did, Browny.. Harry now started going to college and Browny became a healthy grown up dog. Browny had still not changed his habit.. if anything had changed it was that now he used to leave him to college instead of school. But a fully grown up dog can not be a hidden in a garden from parents for a long time. And the secret got revealed one day, parents came to know about Harry’s pet.

“You could have told us if you wanted a pet.. We could have bought a German Shepherd, Its the most beautiful dog of world. But you brought a dirty street dog.. raised with those cheap poor kids, in the dirty slums..” said his dad..

And he ordered his servants to throw the dog away. Harry cried, shouted, but he was helpless. His servants beated up Browny black and blue. and then he was thrown away from house. Without any reaction, Browny went away. Dejected and frustrated Harry left his home, when his parents were asleep at night.

The next morning, his parents got a call.. his son was kidnapped and his whole property was demanded to rescue him by kidnappers. The parents scared and worried, took the papers and without informing the police went to the location they were asked to reach. (his parents were right- everything could be brought by money.. sometimes even their own son)

At the location, 1 kidnapper had kept a gun on Harry’s forehead and other 2 were looking around. As soon as Harry’s parents reached the location, the kidnappers got active.

“Leave the papers and go away!” said 1 kidnapper.

“what about my son?” said Harry’s dad.

“If you want to see tomorrow’s sun, leave all your papers here..” said 2nd kidnapper.

“But we wont give you the money, unless you release our son.. money and son is all i have. i can not give you both..” said dad..

and then suddenly.. out of nowhere, came a huge noise, a loud noise… and it was not just a noise..

it was a huge gang of dogs coming from all directions to the place where kidnappers were standing.. nervous kidnappers, unable to understand what has happened, shooted in different directions.. the kidnapper who kept the gun on Harry’s forehead also came into action and shooted everywhere.. but, then a dog with white skin and brown furs, jumped with its 2 paws ahead, ready to crush kidnappers head with its long nails, his long teeth out ready to puncture his lungs, came in picture.. It was Browny.. with his high jump, he landed straight on kidnappers head.. and kidnapper struggled to get out..

other dogs also took full charge and paralysed the other 2 kidnappers totally..

the fight was done.. result out.. dogs won the battle (oops, love won the battle) and kidnappers lost (oops, money lost the game)..

and Browny exhausted, tired and proud of his victory, struggled to get up and walked limping towards Harry.. Harry hugged him, crying and gave a strong look to his parents.. his parents head were bowed for the 1st time towards this epic historical moment of love.. but to his horror, Harry realised that Browny was hurt and was shot..

“no! no! no! this can not happen! this is not fair! god! nooo.. !!!”

and Browny raised his head.. looked in his master’s eyes for one last time.. and probably said ” You are my god!”

Dos eyes i fell in love with!! :)


a city that never sleeps

a bollywood city

a city of love..

I was never really interested in what Mumbai is known for.. who gives a damn if it never sleeps at night or if it is known as ‘city of love’?

For me Mumbai was just about 3 things:–

1) School        2) Coaching      3) Travel

Out of all three, the third one which is mostly of least concern for people belonging to other parts of country, is ironically the biggest concern for Mumbaikars.. Everyday lakhs of people leave their houses early morning.. some leave for their jobs, some in search of jobs, others to schools, colleges, movies, malls, sightseeing, temples etc.. Ironically they spend half of their time travelling around.. some in auto, some in bus, others in train and the list goes on according to their standard of living!

It was the month of January and I was in standard 12th.. The pressure was on.. A part of my mind shouted IIT and other part Board.. (no offence but i never really thought about AIEEE.. Though again ironically I am in NIT now.. :P)

and yeah! there were other people shouting too – my mom and dad!

“study beta! life is a race and u r not concentrating.. “

as if i was unaware that life is a race.. everyday waking up at 6 o clock and then running to catch a BEST bus which came exactly at 7:30 so that i could catch a local train at Andheri which came exactly at 8, so that i could reach my school at SANTACRUJ at 8:30 ! (this is not enough race or what?)

it was 24th that day.. the last official day of our school! after greeting each other good luck for exams, i went with my spirits high (as if I am going for some battle) to catch the local train at Santacruj to get back to Andheri.. to catch a local train is indeed a battle in itself!]


I was running really fast as train was about to leave in a minute.. and in the way I bumped into many people.. most of them were thrown away.. but as expected from a pure mumbaikar, I with my uncaring attitude kept running towards my beloved goal (catch the train)..

and then..

possibly god has written something else in my life that day.. possibly it was written that my train would miss..

it so happened that I bumped someone so hard that I almost fell on that person.. in the process of falling, my eyes were closed because i didn’t want to see myself getting hurt..

When i opened my eyes, light from a shining, glowing face which was almost like a human diamond entered my pitty small eyes..  The most beautiful natural beauty that i have ever seen in this whole universe was lying in front of me with her hairs scattered over her face..


she had still kept her eyes closed.. (girls normally are more scared of getting hurt).. her black eyelids which were dressed with eyeliners matched perfectly with her beautiful face.. slowly, she opened her eyes.. and then an electrical sensation, or adrenaline, or nervous blood, or just pure magic shivered my whole body..

oh! my!! my!! was it a dream? they were the most beautiful eyes ever.. blue in color with a black dot inside her pupil.. 

she twisted her nose and gave an irritated glance to me and quickly lowered down her eyes.. in my process of observation, I had forgotten that I was the one responsible for her fall..

but anyways.. my observation continued..

she was dressed in a long yellowish green suit, with dozens of bangles in one hand and a small wrist watch in other.. as she moved her hairs and curled them to one side of her right ear, I saw a shining long earing studded in her right ear.. she raised her eyes again and gave me another irritated look by twisting her nose.. and then, a strip of hair got released and fell beside her nose..

i saw her lips moving.. she probably was angry at me and was probably cursing me.. but her voice never reached my ears .. i was soo lost in observation!

i had already missed the train by that time but then i was thankful that i didn’t miss this natural scene! the next train came after 10 mins..

and guess what? i was the happiest man on earth.. because now i had 10 minutes in my hand to watch her..

she stood up and dusted herself.. and without looking at me, she joined other ladies at platform.. people were coming and going.. tea sellers were shouting at top of their voice.. but none of them were as important for me..

to hell with IIT.. to hell with boards..

I am in love..

10 minutes passed away without me realising.. time travels fast when you are in love i guess.. and another local train had arrived.. she boarded in train but I was still lost in my thoughts.. suddenly! while she was about to board the train, her purse slipped and fell on the platform.. by the time she realised, train had already started moving.. (strange are the ways of life)

but then came the entrance of a hero! ofcourse me.. i ran, picked up the purse and just like as it happens in Bollywood, i ran along with train.. at my fastest pace possible..

her right hand was stretched out in my direction and bangles of that hand got accumulated at her wrist..  her face outside the door.. the pace of the train kept increasing and her shining black hairs were flowing all d way.. (she probably used SUNSILK shampoo)..

her long nails and the red nailpolish in it, was shining in the sun.. yes! my observation has not ended yet.. i kept running.. bumped many in the way.. again with the uncaring attitude of a pure mumbaikar.. and finally with a jump of a tiger, my left hand just managed to transfer the purse to her..

i saw her face.. some words came out from her mouth again.. this time it might possibly be ‘thankyou’.. and me exausted, tired, coughing, saw her disappearing as train crossed the end of platform.. i had missed the train again!

..beautiful girl

though.. that was the last day of my school.. but i never really told my parents about it.. i still kept coming atleast for one week to the same Santacruj Platform, again becoming a part of race of Mumbai hoping to get another chance to look at her..

I never saw her again..

but that day i fell in love, did bollywood stunts, and had a sleepless night..

Mumbai is truly the city that never sleeps, the city of bollywood, and the city of love! 🙂

ArE yOu PeRfEcTlY SaNe?


Dictionary definition of a mad man is a person who has lost sense of things & society, who is lost in his self created imaginary world..

a mad person tries to catch the attention of world in his silly little works.. shouts at the top of his voice as if he is a king.. he finds himself either at the top of the world or the most cursed person of society..

a normal person finds himself as ‘normal’ because he compares himself and his work outs against other individuals.. if he finds that his work, his attitude, his way of living and his opinion is same as other people around him… he considers himself a NORMAL human being..

So if i ask u the question- “are u mad?”

the first thing you will probably do is to look around yourself, see if you practice the same methods, same traditions, and in some cases same culture as people around and if you live in society without raising any absurd opinion which might have the potential of hurting someone..

and if you find out that the methods you have been practicing is same as others and that you are CORRECT in eyes of others, then possibly you will declare yourself a “NORMAL” human!

well! actually i find that there is hardly any difference between a normal and abnormal person.. if there is a difference then it is in the mentality and ideals they follow…

A mad person is usually that person who thinks in a different way than normal people do..

When Copernicus said that “earth revolves around sun and not the other way round”.. he was declared MAD by the people.. because the culture of the country in which he resided considered Sun as a Holy Lord.. and they believed that sun revolves around earth..

When Archimedes ran naked in streets shouting “EUREKA” after his discovery, he could have been declared MAD too.. because running naked is of course not an act of normal people..

Stephen Hawking gives his own theory about universe.. though he hardly can barely do things by himself.. a person who is not capable of being dependent on himself- how can someone expect him to tell story of origin of universe.. is that Sane?

Einstien said that time and space are dependent on each other… there is no theorortical prove of the same..

Edmund Hillary said that they could reach to the top of everest..

strange but true… a mad person is as perfectly normal as a normal human.. the only difference is they don’t bother about  society or their culture or their tradition…  madness is just the point when one is unable to express his ideas and thoughts to others in a way a normal person does.. sometimes it can be because the other person around you finds it impossible to digest their ideas ..

madness is just an extreme level of thinking.. thinking beyond the scope of ordinary people.. doing whatever a person feels like.. and in whatever way they want..

LOVE is just a form of madness.. when u love someone then you are ready to do everything for that person.. sometimes you will do such things which are beyond the scope of normal person’s imagination.. in that case you will be declared mad in love..

FAME is another form of madness.. to get noticed, to get a mark on History people like Alexander, Hilter showed extreme level of madness..

MONEY is a total madness.. the more you have, the more you want.. and madder you become..

the world is full of madness.. to achieve something, to achieve anything one will have to become mad..

Paulo Coelho in his book ‘Veronica decides to die’ says:-

“Be crazy! But learn how to be crazy without being the center of attention. Be brave enough to live different.”

a Window and a Human!!

How  can a window be related to human?

another philosophical topic?

but this is not philosophy I guess… its just a comparison…  comparison between a non living object and a living object..

to relate its similarity in daily life issues!

ok! too much of bakar.. now lets go to the point..

so! a window.. a window is basically a separation between 2 big worlds.. one is a home world and other is an outside world..

and same is the case with human.. he has 2 worlds too.. an inside world and an outside world..!

now this window is a link between the outside world & home world.. fresh air comes in.. foul air goes out..

the same way as new ideas enter into humans mind from outside world and old traditional thoughts get thrown away..

the home world which is decorated with curtains, glass pieces, mattresses and beautified with the smell of perfume, so that outside world could see and an image of palace is portrayed in the minds of people who try to have a look into the home world through the window..

the same way humans with their creative ideas, talents and sweet talks tries to show the outside world that inner world has got loads of good ideas in it..

at the same time the home world has got some private things too.. such things are usually avoided from outside world.. in such cases windows are closed.. humans too have some private things which they don’t share with others..

but the most striking similarity could be observed when some dirt is present on the transparent glass panes… due to this dirt, people on the home inside find the outer world dirty.. same is the case with humans… sometimes they feel that the outer world is bad and dirty… but the truth is that their ways of seeing the world is wrong because there is a temperory mindset (dirt) set in their mind which stops them from seeing the clear view..

on the other hand,

at times this dirt on the window makes people think that the home is dirty.. the same thing happens in the case of racism.. the BLACK people are often looked as inferior to the WHITES.. the truth is that dirt is on the way of seeing things..

clean the window..

and let the fresh air flow in..

let your foul air out! a lot of world is unexplored.. so open your windows!